Smart Label Solutions Inc., a proud Canadian company, is a world leading e-paper application provider and a key business of Printers Plus Inc., which has been in the label business for over 32 years. As an innovator in leveraging technology for digital transformation, Smart Label Solutions helps businesses large and small improve operations, management, and the consumer experience through e-paper technology. Our clients come from different industries, and as a solution driven and service minded company, we work interactively with them on every project to ensure every challenge is considered. Our Mission & Vision: Digital Journey with Sustainability. 

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) help retailers with price management; they save time by eliminating the need to replace paper labels, improve label accuracy with real-time prices, have inventory management capabilities, and enable rapid price change and strategy through one-click store management. ESLs give retailers the upper edge in maintaining market competitiveness by allowing them to adjust product prices based on the current market environment or conditions (back to school sales, Christmas holiday sales, etc.), or unique consumer demand. Special promotional prices are rolled out temporarily and automatically reset after the promotion has come to an end. ESLs also improve the consumer shopping experience; they integrate QR codes and NFC technology, which helps brands and businesses engage their customers more efficiently by enabling them to do things such as view product information and product reviews, gain access to special discounts, and much more. 

We believe in the ESL industry, the retailers not only look for purchasing the hardware, but also a long-term partnership and on-going service support, which will benefit the journey of store digital innovation the most. At Smart Label Solutions, we offer the best value, best quality, and best service. Instead of looking for a buyer, we are more eager to look for a partner because at the end, we work with people, and we as a service-minded company will be the one you can rely on and trust.