Gain insights into your customers’ satisfaction with our simple and intuitive customer feedback platform. Our platform helps you identify areas for improvement and capitalize on growth opportunities. Learn when, where, and why your customers are happy (or not) to turn feedback into revenue.

At Loyaltors Marketing, we have partnered – for the west coast of Canada and USA, with HappyOrNot®, the cloud-based customer feedback platform that provides a simple and intuitive way to collect feedback from customers. The platform helps businesses identify areas for improvement and capitalize on growth opportunities by providing insights into customer satisfaction. With HappyOrNot, customers can share feedback instantly using user-friendly smileys while the experience is still fresh in their mind. The platform also offers a clear data dashboard that highlights key metrics and KPIs, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions that improve customer satisfaction and drive long-term growth. HappyOrNot has been trusted by over 4000 global brands, including some of the biggest names in retail, healthcare, transportation, hospitality, and other industries, to improve customer experience and increase satisfaction.