Embold is a Canadian influencer marketing platform that makes it easy for advertisers to collaborate with local influencers who have a direct reach to their customers. Using our filtered roster of over 6,000+ Canadian influencers, advertisers can find the perfect influencers for their brand. We service our clients through a turnkey managed service and a self-serve platform.

Embold has built Canada’s first free influencer marketing platform that allows advertisers to easily build and manage campaigns. Our platform has three key components: Influencer discovery, campaign management and reporting/payouts. Influencer discovery makes it easy for advertisers to find and connect with influencers who are the perfect fit for their brand. Advertisers get instant access to influencer insights and demographic data allowing them to understand which influencers are the most ideal fit for their brand. Campaign management tools allow advertisers to manage all aspects of the campaign including roster management, content review and communication. Embold also has complete reporting and payout capabilities which allow advertisers to measure the success of campaigns and pay influencers with ease.

Our fully managed service allows advertisers to deploy an influencer strategy without adding any additional work to their plate. Using the platform, our team will build a campaign strategy, coordinate the right influencers, manage content and the delivery of the entire campaign for your team.

Our team has been working with advertisers in Canada, US and Europe to support their Canadian influencer efforts since 2018. We have supported SMB and Enterprise clients in running local and national campaigns. Some of our clients include HP, BMO, Second Cup and hundreds of others. Connect with our team to learn how you can maximize your growth efforts by incorporating a local influencer strategy.