Ashley is a loving wife and mama to her baby girl Francesca aka “Frankie.” Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, she was an educator for the better part of a decade before co-founding Smash + Tess with her mother in 2016. Ashley graduated from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC with two Bachelor Degrees in English and Education, along with a Masters in Education.

Now a resident of Los Angeles, Ashley started Smash + Tess after finding a void in the loungewear market. She attended the summer fashion program at Conde Nast in London, UK, and the rest is history!

As Managing Director of Smash + Tess, Ashley oversees everything from designing to financial planning and forecasting, to dreaming up fun and creative marketing campaigns. Under Ashley’s vision and management, Smash + Tess has grown exponentially and transnationally, both in market share and public notoriety. Ashley is passionate about creating clothing for women that celebrates and encourages femininity, strength, and comfort- while, of course, never sacrificing beauty or fashion.