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Diane J. Brisebois

Diane J. BriseboisPresident & CEO, Retail Council of Canada

Why Experiential Retail is Necessary for Brick and Mortar Retail

As the global leader in made to measure apparel, INDOCHINO has developed the shopping experience of the future. In this session Michael LeBlanc, sits down with Drew Green, CEO of INDOCHINO to explore their unique experiential approach to retail, and how a retailer can achieve both expansive growths and a profitable EBITDA while investing in experience.

Drew Green

Drew GreenPresident and CEO, INDOCHINO

Allen Langdon

Allen LangdonPresident and CEO, Encorp Pacific

Retail Evolution: By Humans, For Humans, By Being Human.

Customers are more demanding than ever, and to meet their demands, the retail environment is evolving at an ever-faster pace. Whether through enhanced services, frictionless shopping, or a greater digital presence, we attempt to keep up through a myriad of complex technology ecosystems. The truth is, the only thing smart and fast enough to keep up with these demanding humans is other humans. At the heart of retail is the human ecosystem: the overarching web of collaboration and connection between employees and customers, and Mat Povse, Senior Vice President of Best Buy Retail and Geek Squad Services at Best Buy Canada joins us to share how the technology retailer is delivering tangible results by tuning into the potential of the most important aspect of all: human beings.

Mat Povse

Mat PovseSenior Vice President of Retail and Geek Squad Services, Best Buy Canada

Direct-to-Consumer Retail: The Hard Truth

Everyone in business is looking for ways to cut out the middleman to save costs and the internet has made it easier for companies to go directly to the consumer. Ashley Freeborn, Founder of popular Vancouver based brand Smash + Tess will highlight the good, bad and ugly sides to their business journey. How they started with direct to consumer, and their ability to branch out from there as well as the highs and lows of online shopping.

Ashley Freeborn

Ashley FreebornFounder / Principal / Managing Director, Smash + Tess

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A.M. Concurrent Session

Drive Sales, Not Impressions with a More Effective Digital Strategy
In many cases, digital campaigns are set up to drive “activity” metrics like impressions, clicks and click-through-rates instead of doing what they are supposed to – to drive sales!

During this fun and entertaining session, we will share learnings from our experience with more than 400 brands in 20 countries to show you how you can connect digital marketing to real-world store traffic and revenue generation. We will also walk through a case study which outlines how M&M Food Market used digital media to generate measurable on-the-ground sales.

Kirk Allen

Kirk AllenCOO and Co-Founder, Reshift Media

A.M. Concurrent Session

Creating the Customer Experience of Tomorrow; How Retailers are Staying Ahead of the Curve
Today’s retailers understand that success is dependent not only on the products and services they offer, but also on the customer experiences they deliver. The widespread adoption of digital and mobile technologies has led to an increased demand for convenience and seamlessness at every interaction. To deliver, retailers are fusing online and offline strategies to improve in-store experiences, increase sales and ultimately stand out from the competition. In this session, Kimberly Kuzmak from American Express, shares new Canadian retail data insights on the adoption of current payment technologies among retailers and explores what to prioritize in order to deliver the customer experience of tomorrow.

Kimberly Kuzmak

Kimberly KuzmakDirector of Client Management - Western Canada for Global Merchant & Network Services, American Express

A.M. Concurrent Session

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P.M. Concurrent Session

IKEA Canada: Engaging Canadians on its Path to Become Circular
The nascent shift from a linear to circular economy presents many challenges and opportunities for retailers, but today most efforts focus on product & packaging design and collection & recycling – the beginning and end of the value chain. This session will outline how IKEA Canada is focussing in between, supporting Canadians to extend the life of IKEA products, maximize their value, and create more frequent and meaningful interactions with the IKEA Brand.

Brendan Seale

Brendan SealeHead of Sustainability, IKEA Canada

P.M. Concurrent Session

Cannabis in Canadian Retail: The New Frontier
On October 17th Canada official launched the legalization of recreational Cannabis across the country. Since the initial announcement of the plan to legalize, both federal and provincial governments have scrambled to develop business standards, laws and regulations to support and manage this new frontier. At the same time, smart business people immediately started developing Cannabis operations for the eventual goal of retail consumer sales. Depending on which province you live, the rules for selling Cannabis are different. However, despite these challenges, companies have not only grown, but flourished. Now, they are preparing to open their doors across Canada.

In this session, the top Cannabis Retailers in Canada come together to discuss the new and innovative retail journey that they’ve begun. They have acknowledged that to succeed they must better understand retail in Canada and recognize the need to connect with smart retail people and suppliers who can help them flourish. They will also discuss how Cannabis retail is unique and does not fit into traditional retail models.

Jesse Cheetham

Jesse CheethamVice President, Human Resources, Fire & Flower Inc.

P.M. Concurrent Session

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Cannabis in Canadian Retail:
From Source to Store

Since the initial announcement of the plan to legalize Cannabis in Canada, federal and provincial governments have scrambled to develop business standards, laws and regulations to support and manage this new frontier. Depending on which province you live, the rules for selling Cannabis are different. However, despite the uncertainty, a delicate set of rules for the management of the supply chain for Cannabis, from source to shelf, has been developed in several provinces.

In this session, the licensed producers, wholesalers and cannabis retailers come together to discuss the new rules of the road regarding the selling of recreational Cannabis in Canada, and what challenges lie ahead.

Nick Whitehead

Nick WhiteheadVice President of Market Development, Aurora Cannabis

Kevin Satterfield

Kevin SatterfieldDirector Retail Operations, Cannabis, BC Liquor Distribution Branch

Mike Vioncek

Mike VioncekChief Operating Officer, Fire & Flower Inc.

eCommerce Grocery Disruption :
A Wake-Up Call for Retail

Grocery and fresh products are key for many to winning the consumer, yet mastering eCommerce and omni-channel in grocery is perhaps the most challenging within the retail industry.
Hear from the most progressive retailers who are leading the eCommerce grocery industry in Canada discuss the challenges and opportunities of understanding customers, delivering shopping satisfaction, finding partners, the complexities of fresh home delivery/in-store pickup all while returning impressive results to the business.

Paula Courtney

Paula CourtneyProduct Founder, WisePlum

Peter Van Stolk

Peter Van StolkCEO,

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